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      On Site Selling and Trading of Items

      We are fine with allowing members to post their gaming stuff you need to sell in the "Discussions - Off Topic" as long as it doesn't get out of hand.
      All transactions are between the members involved and OWI will not be involved nor get involved in any dealings. All negotiations are to be done in the privacy of PM's between the parties involved. Only computer hardware is allowed. Software and any non computer items will be removed and the poster warned. No commercial activities will be allowed. Only personally owned items can be listed.
      When the item(s) are no longer available either because they have been withdrawn or sold the thread must be terminated. This should be done by the OP so as to inform the membership that the item(s) are gone.   Abuse in any shape or form will be dealt with quickly and could include punishment right up to being banned from the site.   We reserve the right to terminate this allowance at any time and to modify the rules at any time.   Thank you
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      Please take the time to read "The Official Squad User Manual".   This is a excellent primer for those new to the game and it will answer most of your questions about the game and the gameplay!


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  1. Thanks.
  2. I feel like the AR-15 or M4 I talked about is more likely to fall into cartel hands. I felt that SL's should be able to use these weapons, but an HK can also be assigned to an SL and some riflemen can have an M4/AR-15.
  3. YES! G3! Also, I love the new AK-74 animation. IRL, AK mags need to be kind of forced into the mag well and seem to "slip" forward and back while loading. Good attention to detail.
  4. The cartels aren't gonna have anything that the military can't. So if the cartels are gonna have these captured weapons, the military would as well.
  5. I actually like this new layout, this is the first time something got a layout update and it didn't make me want to claw my scalp off. Good job. But when you're in the middle of making a forum topic, does it still autosave? I didn't see it say so anywhere when I made my last topic.
  6. This game's gonna support modding?
  7. I'd like to suggest that the illegal drug trade conflict be represented in-game. Specifically the Mexican Drug War. With European militias and Middle Easter insurgents, I doesn't sound too out of place. Mexican Military Appearance Mexican army soldiers wear uniforms with black, rust & olive green pixelated shapes on a pale green background While the marines wear black, brown and foliage green on a khaki background. Mexican soldiers' body armor seems to differ but they appear to be most commonly equipped with a black Mine Safety Appliances' (MSA) Releasable Assault Vest (RAV). I'll also sometimes see a black tactical vest most likely worn by special forces. I've also seen this one type of body armor that I just can't figure out what it is. (Sorry if I'm wrong, I don't know the first damn thing about body armor.) MSA RAV Tactical Vest ??? Pretty much everything else is standard. All soldiers wear a standard Kevlar helmet donning the digital camouflage and generic military boots. Special forces will get generic knee and elbow pads. Firearms The Heckler & Koch G3 is no doubt the favorite of the Mexican Armed Forces. Mostly the A3 and A4 models are seen in pictures. Good thing they recently announced development of the G3. Mexican soldiers with G3A4's. G3A4 Mexican Soldiers with G3A3's. G3A3 The Mexican military also seems to like US-made M16's and M4's. Naval Infantry - which are just their marines - carry both (but mostly the M16) while the army and especially special forces stick to the M4. Mexican marines with M16's. Mexican Marines with M4's. I actually couldn't find pictures of Mexican special forces with M4's. Most of the pictures were of special forces marching with M82's. And the army mostly had G3's. The Army and Marines main LMG's are the FN Minimi and HK21. Not sure on the specifics of the Minimi. They also have M2 Brownings, that's somewhat expected. FN Minimi Mexican soldier with HK21. Pistols The marines use the Glock, USP, and M1911. (Pictured from left to right.) The Army uses the M9, and special forces use the FN-57. (Pictured from left to right) Anti-Vehicle weapons Smaw RPG-29 (Possibly used by mosty - if not exclusively - special forces) Carl Gustav Recoiless Rifle BGM-71 TOW M40 Recoilless Rifle Vehicles Ground ERC-90 Sedena-Henschel HWK-11. APC-70 VTR-TT 6x6 Humvee Ural-4320's While they do have all this equipment, the Mexican military likes to take civilian pickups and modify them with handlebars. They use Chevy Silverados, Ford F-Series', Dodge Rams, and Chevy Cheyennes. They all sorta look the same. Air Power UH-60 Black Hawk Mi-17 Mi-8 Cartels There are very few photos of cartel fighters themselves. Mostly leader arrests and executions, but I can tell you what I've gathered. Appearance Mostly a t-shirt and jeans. I'll see baseball caps and sometimes cowboy hats. They'll wear rags around the neck and on the face. Low profile chest rigs are worn. Firearms Classic AK-47's attract almost every cartel member. According to the BATF, illegal AR-15's chambered in .223 were traced back to Mexican cartels and gangs. These AR-15's are much more rare but I guess the cartels have a few. More than likely modified for full auto fire. Cartel fighters will also sometimes have an FN-57 as a sidearm. Anti-vehicle weapons Classic RPG-7. Vehicles The Mexican cartels have captured pickup trucks and semi-trucks and modified the living hell out of them. Like, they went Mad Max on these things. They call them monstruos, which means "monsters" in Spanish. They weld armor plates and cut out gun ports. They'll attach rotating turrets to some too. And it's not like they have just a couple of these either, the military captured a whole factory that was making these things. Well that's all. I put way too much time into this.
  8. Not as common IRL but It's definitely been done a few times. I don't know the specs about the guns. Why would it be a better option?
  9. Yeah, I've seen it while looking for pictures to post on this topic.
  10. Those crafty Russians...
  11. THAT 1940'S LOOKING HUNK O' JUNK HAS A PREDICTOR SIGHT!?!? Oooooh myyy gooood...
  12. I was talking about just PR. There are obviously games with AA trucks.
  13. It can be done with time.
  14. Complex in what way?
  15. I was looking through the list of Project Reality vehicles and was surprised when I didn't see something like a pickup truck with a ZSU-23-2 on the back. Slapping this AA platform on the back of a pickup is an extremely popular improvised weapon for insurgent groups. Will we being seeing something like this in Squad? (I know pickup trucks are confirmed, but I have only seen HMG's and LMG's on the back)