Bluedrake's legitimately terrible Squad gameplay

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22 minutes ago, Bluedrake42 said:

Thanks man, not many appreciate that side of what I do so that means a lot to me for real. Honestly the biggest thing keeping me from doing it more is money, but Youtube is starting to support me doing it more, so I'm starting to record more material of it. If you want to see whenever I release stuff like that you can follow my band Johari's channel, that's usually where I release all that stuff, as my guitarist Kyle is really cool about making it look nice and keeping track of comments and stuff

Wait you're playing piano at the front where you're supposed to fight? 1v1 me about this (งಠ益ಠ)ง

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57 minutes ago, Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX said:

Dude...What? Eeewww!.

How can you resist that sexy feminine voice? 

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