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PRX Map pack (Project Reality)

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The Project Reality Extended map pack is an unofficial map pack that contains both new and total overhaul of current and forum PR maps created by myself. Currently the list of maps to be included stands at 4 from myself however other mappers can apply via pm for inclusion into the map pack. At the moment the map pack is slotted for a release this December and I hope to reach around 10 very playable maps by that point.


Masirah - Album on Imgur

  • A 4km extended combat zone map
  • New vehicles and textures
  • Everything from infantry battles to massive jet battles 
  • Infantry can choose between inf, mech inf and air assault inf rather than being forced into one class
  • A large city nearly the size of Muttrah
  • Airbase para drop layer
  • New points of interest along with many safe spots for infantry between them.

Nuijamaa 2.0

  • New overgrowth to feel more like Finland
  • Change houses and other statics to feel less American and more European
  • Manipulated terrain to allow for boats to travel from RU main to the river
  • Increased the number of infantry vehicles available.

Sbeneh 2.0


  • Completely reworked map
  • Rebuilt the city areas to feel much more wartorn 
  • Updated tunnel systems to have multiple entry/exit points 
  • New textures giving it a less white feel and more of a grimy one
  • Updated AAS layers to be more traditional rather than attack and defend
  • Updated insurgency to only have weapons caches in the city

Shikotan 2.0

  • Re made island textures
  • Updated overgrowth
  • Added and completely re-worked points of interest to be more exciting
  • Re did terrain in many spots to fix the difficulty moving around the island.
  • Brought back PLA V RU
  • New AAS routes to fit the new Points of interest

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