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30 minutes ago, Bluedrake42 said:

*snip* what is being used to make these spectator camera videos, like they're pretty god damn swag


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and that shows all the 3D squad icons and whatnot too? it didn't the last time I was using it, but maybe its gotten considerably more fly since last

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Community Clan Fight Night - Week 10 Teams

Sunday 6th March 2016 @ 1910hrs GMT
Servers: [ EXODUS ] & RedCoats
Map: Chora AAS 1

Sign up order

  1.  Zulu Xray Delta
  2.  RedCoats
  3.  RedCoats
  4.  iB & Utd
  5.  iB & Utd
  6.  Age of Kill
  7.  Freelancers Union
  8.  EXODUS
  9.  303RD Tiger Battalion
  10.  Fear Academy
  11.  Full Contact
  12.  CSSC
  13.  WAR
  14.  ?
  15.  ?
  16.  ?

Server One - '[ EXODUS ]  CCFN 11 S1'

Team 1

  • RedCoats
  • RedCoats
  • 303RD Tiger Battalion
  • Freelancers Union

Team 2

  • iB & Utd
  • iB & Utd
  • Full Contact
  • Zulu Xray Delta

Server Two - 'RedCoats CCFN 11 S2'

Team 1

  • Fear Academy
  • WAR
  • ?

Team 2

  • Age of Kill
  • CSSC
  • ?
  • ?

Looks like we are three squads short going into today's event.  There is still time to get involved.  You need to post up or contact me directly ASAP.

If no change to the roster by event start we will run Chora AAS 1 on server one and Logar Skirmish on server two.  If any clans have more than nine players they may join server two.

For clans new to the event here is a quick breakdown of how the event runs.

  • 1910: Join your server
  • 1910 - 1920: Team up / Squad up / Warm up (skirmish map)
  • 1920 - 1930: Teams discuss tactics
  • 1930: Change to map game LIVE - round one
  • Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice
  • Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two
  • Finish: Round two ends

We will start the game at 1930 promptly.  Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1920.  Remember you can only switch teams once before you receive a timer.  If you do get the timer exit your game completely and reload Squad.

We start on a skirmish map.  Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics.  The event will go live on the change to the chosen map.  Live announced as always.  The same again at half time, skirmish map, two maps changes to avoid the bug and keep the teams, then live when we drop into the map.

We're unsure how the broadcast will work this week.  We will try to cover both servers if we decide to go ahead.

Blitza has put together a video from some of the footage he gathered during last weeks event.

See you on the servers.

Game on!




Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX, BLITZA and Bash like this

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3 hours ago, chronic said:





anyone notice the ghosting medic bag @1:28?  it dances to the music

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